Mission & Values

Mission & Values

As students learn and grow with us, we seek to provide an authentic experience of the Christian faith through every aspect of College life, and its relevance to life beyond school.

Our Mission

“In Christ alone we are building a learning community, dedicated to excellence and equipping to serve.”

Our mission statement affirms our Christian faith and our commitment to lifelong learning at all levels within the community. We seek to prepare students to thrive both in their learning and in life beyond the College, striving to see all students value learning for life, value others and achieve personal excellence.

Our College nurtures and educates young people in accordance with the doctrines, tenets, beliefs and teachings of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.

Our hope is that they will flourish as they seek out opportunities to serve others wherever they are, and in whatever context they find themselves – on a local, national or international level.

Our Values

Our College’s culture, programs and activities are underpinned by four key values that are central to who we are and the students we wish to develop.

  • We commend and invite our community into FAITH in God, who makes himself known to us in and through Jesus Christ.

  • We seek WISDOM, celebrating the gift of learning so we will live well in God’s world.

  • We devote ourselves to COMPASSION, because Christ gave freely to us.

  • We cherish RESPECT for every person, recognising the image of God in every individual.