We would like to welcome our new canteen operator for 2023, Made Fresh.

Made Fresh are a private, family operated business and have been supplying school canteens for over 17 years. Students will be receiving high quality, fresh and healthy food from your school canteen which will be prepared FRESH each day. Made Fresh offers lots of healthy choices and has successfully achieved certification through NSW Health Department as a Healthy Canteen.

When students purchase from the canteen, not only will this be an educational experience in relation to money handling and decision making, you can also be assured that student will only have choices that have been approved by the Department of Health. Portions limits and price points are also part of the Healthy canteen strategy and promotes the “healthy choice being the easy choice.”

Made Fresh abides by the strict guidelines of THE NEW NSW HEALTHY SCHOOL CANTEEN STRATEGY.  These new guidelines allow for the sale of 75% “Everyday Food” and the remainder 25% can be “Occasional Food” meaning 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5 stars (Healthy Star Rating System). Made Fresh provide a range of healthy food for all types of lifestyle choices or special diets (Anaphylactic, Gluten Free etc).

The Canteen will be open from Monday 30 January 2023*, operating five days a week during the school term.

Check out the menu here.

Online Ordering

*Online ordering will be open on Tuesday evening, 31 January 2023 for Wednesday lunch orders.

Orders can be made through the Flexischools App. Flexischools allows you to place all your school orders online in a matter of seconds, at any time of the day.

Download the Flexischools App.
For instructions on how to register with Felxischools, click here.


QuickCliq Credit Refund

For families with a pre-existing account on QuickCliq, please refer to the below instructions to obtain a refund of any existing credit.

  • Click on the PROFILE tab
  • Navigate to box entitled Account Balance Refund and Close Account
  • Select Refund Request or Close Account – to obtain a refund of any existing credit left on the account
  • Please click here for the QuickCliq refund policy.