Shell Harbour Anglican School

Unveiling the New Uniform

We have a wonderful warm and vibrant culture, and a dynamic learning environment here at the College where in Christ Alone, our hope is found. It remains central that as we mature, we still maintain that vital aspect of every student being known, cared for, challenged in their learning and offered rich opportunities to explore their world.

As communicated through the uniform refresh process, and in response to parent feedback, we have diligently strived to incorporate greater inclusivity, enhanced adaptability, and reduced uniform components.

The revised uniform policy will eliminate the distinction between ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ attire. Instead, the formal uniform is suitable for year-round wear, promoting student comfort. This adjustment not only grants increased flexibility but also enhances affordability, enabling families to invest in only the essential uniform items.

Thank you to our community for your feedback that guided the very important research phase of this project. As we continue to pursue tomorrow together, we welcome our community to continue to partner with us as we empower students to live with courageous hearts, curious minds, and hope-filled hands.