Application process

Application process

Step 1: Application

The following information provides details about the Scholarship process for those who may not have already begun this process as well as providing information about what happens once the application has been made:

1. Have you completed an ACER Scholarship Test application?

It is important that you enrol for the Scholarship program with ACER. The opening date for registration is TBC and the closing date for the 2022 ACER Scholarship Test is TBC. A Scholarship Application fee of $125 applies. No late applications will be accepted.

2. Have you completed an Enrolment Application form for the College?

Scholarship candidates will not be considered for a place at the College unless they have completed a Shellharbour Anglican College Enrolment Application. No offer of a Scholarship can be made to a student who has not applied for enrolment. If you have not already completed the Enrolment Application a package should have arrived with this information. Please contact the College on 02 4297 6029 if this is not the case. A non-refundable enrolment application fee of $50 applies to all applications.

3. Have you completed a Music Scholarship Application form for the College?

For candidates applying for Music Scholarships an additional application form is available on the College Website for completion and must be returned to the College by TBC. A non-refundable fee of $80 applies to all Music Scholarship Applications and must accompany the Music Scholarship Application form. Candidates should include with their Music Scholarship application the following documentation:  

  • Presentation of any Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Practical, Musicianship or Theory Certificates OR Trinity College of London Music Practical or Theoretical Certificates or any other recognisable musical instituitions awards and certificates.
  • Proof of current dedication and commitment to school music and extra-curricular music activities.

4. What happens then?

Having completed the relevant applications your son/daughter is eligible for the ACER Scholarship Test/music audition and we can now undertake the enrolment process.

Step 2: ACER Scholarship Test

The ACER Scholarship Test will be conducted at the College on TBC commencing at 8:45am and finishing at 12:00pm. The ACER Scholarship Test consists of a series of academic ability tests used by independent schools to select students for the award of a scholarship. 

To sit the test, candidates must register and pay for the test through the College website.

Step 5: Offer of a Scholarship

An offer of a place at the College is generally made at an enrolment interview. Although this is not always the case, the expectation is that once we have resolved any questions and concerns it will be possible to make an offer of a place for the following year. There are some variations on this theme however:

  • There are some families for whom a place at the College is entirely dependent upon the offer of a Scholarship. Some families have withdrawn before this step in the process while others have taken part in the interview before making their final decision. Sadly, at this point, we anticipate some families withdrawing from the enrolment process.
  • There are some families who will be part of the College community no matter what the outcome may be of the Scholarship examination or who have already indicated that they will accept the offer of a Scholarship. Enrolment for these families is finalised within two weeks of the interview.
  • There are some families who have been offered a Scholarship but are considering other options. This situation is more problematic and best discussed at interview. We will do all within our power to be flexible and hold the offer of Scholarship and a place at the College.
  • Offers of Scholarships will be made after TBC.