Application process

Application process

Step 1: The Audition (For Music Scholarship Applications)

Auditions for Music Scholarships will be held in the afternoon following the ACER Scholarship Test. In 2020 this will be Saturday 29 February 2020. Each audition will take approximately half an hour. Candidates will be notified of their audition time a week prior to the audition.

Step 4: Interview

The next step in the process is the interview process. This process generally takes place in May following the New Parent Information Evening which will be held on Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 6.00pm.

Step 5: Offer of a Scholarship

An offer of a place at the College is generally made at an enrolment interview. Although this is not always the case, the expectation is that once we have resolved any questions and concerns it will be possible to make an offer of a place for the following year. There are some variations on this theme however:

  • There are some families for whom a place at the College is entirely dependent upon the offer of a Scholarship. Some families have withdrawn before this step in the process while others have taken part in the interview before making their final decision. Sadly, at this point, we anticipate some families withdrawing from the enrolment process.
  • There are some families who will be part of the College community no matter what the outcome may be of the Scholarship examination or who have already indicated that they will accept the offer of a Scholarship. Enrolment for these families is finalised within two weeks of the interview.
  • There are some families who have been offered a Scholarship but are considering other options. This situation is more problematic and best discussed at interview. We will do all within our power to be flexible and hold the offer of Scholarship and a place at the College.
  • Offers of Scholarships will be made after Monday 30 March 2020.