Great Opportunities

Great Opportunities

More Space, Better Options, Great Learning!

Our recently expanded Prep area means better options for learning and flexibility for busy parents! We also offer Before and After School Care for our Prep students.

Prep Blue class offers a 2 day class on Monday and Tuesday or a 3 day class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Prep Gold class offers a 2 day class on Thursday and Friday or a 3 day class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Generally, each Prep class has a maximum of 29 children with three staff. Prep children need to turn four years old by the beginning of March.

The best transition to our Kindergarten!

Children enrolled into Prep are welcomed into a College community that connects them to the future. Progress to Kindergarten and then through to Senior School is one of the many opportunities of starting in Prep.

Prep join in the College community by participating in a variety of Junior School activities such as the Junior School Chapel, many Assemblies, Book Week celebrations. They are also part of the end of year Christmas musical. Prep Students know the school and feel very much part of it.