Staff Profile: Daniel McOrist

Staff Profile: Daniel McOrist

Can you tell us your name, and which grade/subject you teach? 

D: My name is Daniel McOrist and I currently teach Stage 2 in Junior School. 

What brought you to Shellharbour Anglican College? How long have you been here? 

D: The College’s focus on educating students for the future is inspiring and intrigued me to be part of it. The College is not just an education, but a Christian community that is preparing them for the beyond the schooling years. 

What do you love about Shellharbour Anglican College? 

D: The Christian community and values that uphold who the college is.

How do Shellharbour go beyond a regular school? What makes us different?  

D: The Staff not only demonstrate the knowledge and wisdom to teach students; they go above and beyond to ensure all students are cared for, meeting each students’ learning needs and to provide them opportunities to share their knowledge and feel God’s love. 

We’ve recently experienced a lot of change here at the College – what excites you most about the future of Shellharbour?

D: After being here for not too long, I am excited to see where it goes from here. I hope to see further growth of students, the community and watching God work in this space as each of us pursue tomorrow. 

What do you love most about living in the Illawarra region?

D: I do not live in the Illawarra region, though I am excited to move down as soon as I can to indulge myself more into the community and God’s beautiful creation. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself!

D: I was a gymnastics teacher in primary schools before completing my degree. I have been a youth leader for 6 years now as well. I also represented my school in State Swimming when I was in Year 5.

How long have you been teaching? 

D: This is my third year teaching, though first year on class. 

What do you enjoy the most about your grade/subject? 

D: Stage 2 is the best year, as they are able to reciprocate education to other students and demonstrate the values that make them an important part of the community, inside the college and out. 

What would you say to educators thinking about relocating to the Illawarra? 

D: You will not be sorry to leave Sydney, as much as you think you need to stay. Take the opportunity to grow and see God as work more in your life, like how I have seen his grace and love. 

Can you describe the College in 3 words? 

D: Innovative, encouraging and wisdom.

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