Staff Profile: David Rienits

Staff Profile: David Rienits

You know that a school community must be pretty great when Alumni return as teaching staff! Mr David Rienits, Senior School Drama and English teacher, was a student at the College from years six to 12 and has been a staff member for four years.

Mr Rienits says that as a returning Alumni, he can see how the school has developed over the years. He says, “I can draw on my experiences in the same places and occasionally under the same teachers to inspire and encourage students”.

Drama continues to grow at the College and Mr Rienits says that he is looking forward to finding new opportunities to introduce new students to the field and to connect performers with audiences. 

Mr Rienits says, “Drama wasn’t something that was available to me when I was learning at the College. Now that I can open that door for students, I can see I’m meeting a love and a need that has been here all along without a place to go or a skill framework in which to shine”.

“I am excited about establishing traditions both internally in the Drama classes and externally in the wider College with relation to performance and the celebration of dramatic work. I have big dreams for walls of fame and showcase evenings as Drama continues to expand and solidify its place at the College”.

Mr Rienits has also recently been involved with a small group developing abridged Shakespeare plays for school incursions.

“I’ve been an advisor, assistant director and on ‘tech’ (running audio, lights and visuals during performances). Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit the local theatre scene hard and most theatres are just getting back up and running, so I haven’t had a chance to be on stage myself in a while. Here’s hoping that tides will change soon”.