Staff Profile: Jemimah Mierendorff

Staff Profile: Jemimah Mierendorff

Can you tell us your name, and which grade/subject you teach?

J: I am Jemimah Mierendorff, a Kindergarten teacher at the College. 

What brought you to Shellharbour Anglican College? How long have you been here? 

J: I came to Shellharbour College in 2012 as a Highschool Student! So I could say my family initially brought me to the College! I graduated in 2016 and have since returned as a teacher! Fond memories of the school community and the commitment I saw from my teachers brought me back when I had finished my studies! I taught casually in my final year of University last year, but have begun full time this year! 

What do you love about Shellharbour Anglican College? 

J: I love the community of teachers and kids. I love the way the school is centred on the promises of the Christian faith, and how we get to share this everyday! I love the people I work with. It is an awesome team of educators who are excited to be doing a job we love. 

How do Shellharbour go beyond a regular school? What makes us different?  

J: Shellharbour Anglican teachers have a deep care for their students. They want them to succeed during their time at school. I think this is something many schools have in common. But at the college, we want students to know more than to read and write. We want them to understand the value of service, of faith, of good character and of hard work. Knowing that success comes in many ways, then allows us to value the achievements of our students in many different ways. Also, being a K-12 school, we are able to be a part of the kids long term education, and watch them grow throughout their entire school life.

We’ve recently experienced a lot of change here at the College – what excites you most about the future of Shellharbour?

J: Yes, we have experienced a lot of change! I have been excited to be a part of that change. It has brought with it many new teachers, new students and new opportunities to grow as a community together.

As a teacher, I love working with my stage team, sharing ideas, resources and having amazing experienced teachers to learn. This has been such a blessing and I am excited to welcome more people into the team! 

What do you love most about living in the Illawarra region?

J: I love the Illawarra. It’s got the beach, the lake, beautiful farmland and coastlines all within reach. There are so many fantastic churches that faithfully teach God’s word and are filled with people who want to serve and live for Jesus – I love that about the Illawarra! 

How long have you been teaching? 

J: This is my first year of teaching full time! I graduated the University of Wollongong last year and have been so blessed to have my own class this year!

What do you enjoy the most about your grade/subject? 

J: I LOVE Kindergarten! I get the privilege of seeing so many big moments, so many firsts for the kids as the begin school, they begin reading, they begin writing and creating in so many new ways. I have loved watching the ‘Aha!’ moments when things just click. Mostly, I think I enjoy the eagerness in how the kids approach learning opportunities. Their excitement is infectious and it has made my job entirely worthwhile. I have loved experiencing all my firsts of being a teacher, alongside my kids, growing with them and learning with them. It is a pretty cool adventure to experience together. Another thing I love is watching the kids encounter problems. Watching them learn how to make mistakes, to not be overcome by them, but to grow from them. We spend a lot of time talking about having a growth mindset. 

What would you say to educators thinking about relocating to the Illawarra? 

J: The Illawarra is awesome, do it! 

Can you describe the College in 3 words? 

J: Faith-based, collaborative and student focused.

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