Staff Profile: Sara Lundberg

Staff Profile: Sara Lundberg

Can you tell us your name, and which grade/subject you teach? 

S: Sara Lundberg and I am the Lead Teacher of Prep at Shellharbour Anglican College.

What brought you to Shellharbour Anglican College? How long have you been here? 

S: I was a Preschool Director for two amazing Community based Preschools in the Illawarra before moving to Queensland. My family relocated back to the Illawarra in 2002 from Brisbane and we were looking for an excellent Christian education for our young daughters in the Wollongong to Shellharbour area. The plan to build Shellharbour Anglican College was announced in 2003 and I immediately put their names down for a position. My eldest daughter commenced Kindergarten in 2005 and my youngest daughter in 2007. I began teaching at the College on Stage 2 in 2008 – so I have been part of the community for nearly 18 years!

What do you love about Shellharbour Anglican College? 

S: Being a P-12 college means I have the privilege of teaching our youngest students and then seeing them graduate in Year 12! I am also very grateful for the colleagues that I work with and the friendships we have formed. I love the commitment to excellence and the opportunities to further develop my teaching practice and skills.

What makes Shellharbour Anglican College special/different?

S: As an Anglican College founded on Christian values, we have the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus with our students through our Pastoral Care program, Chapel and Assembly. Our core values of Faith, Wisdom, Compassion and Respect are evident in the relationships and interactions between staff, students and families in our community. Students from Prep to Year 12 are encouraged and supported in their journey to be life long learners with a heart for caring for God’s creation – the people, the environment, the past and the future.

We’ve recently experienced a lot of change here at the College – what excites you most about the future of Shellharbour?

S: The growth in the College has afforded us the opportunity to partner with even more families in their educational journey. It is exciting to have more students and families bringing their wealth of knowledge and experiences to Prep and to watch them as they become part of our community of learners. 

What do you love most about living in the Illawarra region?

S: The Illawarra has everything! Beautiful beaches, the escarpment, the marina, gorgeous countryside, dynamic churches and people. It really is a great place to live and work. 

Do you have interesting facts about yourself? 

S: I have had the pleasure of attending some amazing courses and conferences and as part of the Professional Development program at the College. The concepts and information I have gained through Visible Thinking, Growth Mindset, Feuerstein, PreLit and MiniCOGE are all part of my daily pedagogy and practice. 

What do you enjoy the most about your grade/subject? 

S: Prep is such an exciting space full of wonder and delight. I have the privilege of being part of an amazing team who are passionate about play based learning with intentional teaching times to foster a learning environment where every child belongs. I also have the joy of seeing our Prep students transition to Kindergarten smoothly due to the extensive collaboration between Prep and Kindergarten Teachers.

Can you describe the College in 3 words? 

S: Growing, Changing, Exciting